Many people wonder if a Recovery Life Coach would be helpful for them? The answer I typically give involves stories of how certain interactions with key people in my life at major crossroads on my path have helped me to land where I am today. Most of these people were not professionals in the sense of licensure or credentials, but because of their experience and willingness to share it with me as a coach of sorts, I benefitted and the people closest to me did as well. If you find yourself stuck in a crazy cycle or an addictive pattern or destructive relationship, having a coach may be just what you need. Of course, you might also benefit from a professional. As a coach, I refer to the professionals when the professionals are needed, but I have found many people just need a nudge or a new perspective in the right direction to get on the path to their true potential. So, I guess the answer of whether a Recovery Life Coach would benefit you is really a question only you can answer. If you want to explore what having a Recovery Life Coach might look like, please contact me. I will respond to inquiries within 24 hours that come through this page. Blessings!